Der Almhof und sein Refugio


Der Traumstadl am Höhenberg


Culture and Lifstyle

A spiritual walk desirable?  The situation of the Catholic pilgrimage church high above the town of Neumarkt is only minutes away.  You then are located about 160 meters high above Neumarkt.  In addition to the road through the district Höhenberg a crossroads with 367 steps leads up to the church.   A "stone's throw" away, so just the romantic mountain road down, you will find a historic old town with many attractions, such as the late Gothic town hall, a largely preserved medieval fortifications, the former Palatine palace, and the Ludwig Canal. If you want to extensively stroll?  In the Neumarkt old town there are countless small shops, for everyone is there doing what. If you are traveling in bad weather, invites our brand new extraordinary shopping center "Neuer Markt" in the city core to stroll.

Cinema in New Market? Of course it's best.    

Take time for a visit to the cultural center "Historical Reitstadel", which hosts concerts, among others renowned soloists and ensembles. (More info or )

For connoisseurs of modern art the Neumarkt "Lothar Fischer Museum" is by now more than a tip (information: ). Do you enjoy vintage cars in a class, the unique Maybach Museum there is a spectacular collection of cars of this brand.

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We on the Alm place great emphasis on good beer ........ because there really is only one thing ... that Lammsbräu Beer. We are happy to organize a tour of the brewery in the local biological brewery. Biologically because only Non-Bt and organic raw materials are used for the entire Lammsbräu assortment. A visit is an absolute must. (More info )