Der Almhof und sein Refugio


Der Traumstadl am Höhenberg


Take your time in the Almhof and the new Refugio 

A place to dream combined with traditionall hospitality. A new interpretation regional, creative impulses with  a modern Bavarian cuisine.

The life at the „Alm“ is orientation by nature and calm. Avoid hectic rush and senseless haste – rediscover the slowness. Time to read, time to eat… time for the partner… you will find this possibility at the AlmRefugio!

  Originally architecture….. and still clear and reduced 

Accents set by the nature:

Untreated wood, natural stone and cuddly natural material.
Very near a fusion of inside and outside

  At the end of the day, to have the experience .....
  the feeling ......., to live in this place with simple, warm-hearted people.

  In harmony with nature